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CLEVELAND (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team has found kids with guns got into a Cleveland high school building even as a security officer was on the phone with 911.

Records show two school administrators allowed the intruders into the building, so the I-Team investigated.

It happened earlier this month near the west side at Garrett Morgan High School.

A school security officer called 911 while watching teens with masks and guns. They had pulled up in three cars and walked up to the school.

The school went into lockdown.

We obtained the 911 call. You hear the security officer yelling to others, “Do not let them in the building”
and, “Do not let anybody through that door, people.”

As a dispatcher sent police, she asked, “They’re coming toward the building in the front? The back?”

The officer continued to say to people in the school, “Don’t let them in the building.” Someone else there can be heard repeating that.

Monents later, the security officer told police, “They’re inside the building. They’re in the outer part.”

The dispatcher responded with, “They got in the building?”

Reports show those dangerous visitors got into one door, but they couldn’t get past a second. They ended up stopped in a vestibule or lobby area as you see in a lot of buildings. However, those reports also reveal how kids with face coverings and weapons even got that far.

Dispatch told the 911 caller, “Keep the school locked down.”

A witness statement shows, “Two assistant principals from leadership let the males into the building.”

Another statement shows, “I confirmed the interior doors were locked and instructed the four suspects to come to the vestibule because it was unsafe to be outside because I saw police officers.”

In fact, Cleveland police got there quickly. They arrested three teens and found 2 guns.

The Cleveland Metropolitan School District issued a statement:

“As one of the witness statements indicates, the males entered a controlled, secured area that is specifically designed to prevent access to the rest of the building. Cleveland police had already arrived on the scene and were able to make arrests. The staff member made a split-second decision that the individual thought was the best way to keep students and staff safe. “ 

But, a school security consultant reacted. Ken Trump, runs National School Safety and Security Services based in Cleveland.

“You’ve just let them one step closer in,” he said. “The goal is to keep students away from harm. You don’t let the bad guy, especially when you know they’re the bad guy, get closer into your school building.”

Records show one of the teens arrested had a warrant out for him from a robbery case.

Police say the teens drove up in three stolen cars.

A police report does not indicate why the teens with guns went up to that school. We’ve learned detectives have been following up on that.