Here’s where speeding is happening more often in Northeast Ohio


CLEVELAND (WJW) – Many drivers are speeding at more than 100 mph, and the FOX 8 I-Team has found where it’s happening most often in Northeast Ohio.

If you’ve ever felt like you can barely keep up with the flow of traffic, now you can see why.

The Ohio Department of Transportation ran a check of five locations, compiling speeds picked up by highway sensors for every day in July.

ODOT reviewed the traffic for I-90 in Willoughby Hills, I-71 in Brunswick, I-76 in Brimfield, Route 237 by the airport in Brook Park and I-90 in Concord Township.

Along I-90 in Willoughby Hills, ODOT recorded almost 9 out of every ten drivers speeding.

In that month, more than 1,400 drivers flew by at more than 100mph.

To be clear, these speeds get recorded all over the state by ODOT highway sensors. It’s not speed cameras that give you tickets, but sensors recording the number of cars and trucks and the speeds in specific areas.

ODOT uses that information for planning, such as highway construction projects.

All of the other locations checked also recorded plenty of speeders. Those locations showed 50% to 69% of drivers over the limit.

The Brunswick and Concord Township sites also revealed drivers going over 100 mph every day.

“Speed is a problem, but these extreme speeds are a real big problem,” ODOT spokesman Matt Bruning said.

This comes as we’ve reported on local towns looking to add speed cameras or more fines to crack down.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol targets enforcement in areas with the most speeders and dangerous drivers.

The patrol is now writing more and more tickets for extreme speed.

Statewide, so far this year, the patrol has written more than 59,000 tickets to drivers going more than 20 miles over the speed limit, a sharp increase.

The patrol has written more than 2,800 tickets for drivers going more than 100 mph, also a sharp increase.

Sgt. Ray Santiago also points out, speed is always one of the biggest  and most common factors in highway crashes.

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