ROCKY RIVER, Ohio (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team has found a Rocky River homeowner has won a battle over a giant skeleton in his front yard that’s had Northeast Ohio buzzing.

This week, we showed you Jeff Taylor taking on Rocky River City Hall.

Taylor had received an order from the city to take down the skeleton. The I-Team went with him as he had a meeting with the building commissioner demanding an explanation.

The building commissioner said the city had received complaints from neighbors. Yet, Taylor vowed to keep the skeleton up until a judge tells him to remove it. He argued no one has complained to him directly and kids in the neighborhood love the skeleton.

Taylor keeps it up year-round, decorating it for every holiday. He now has it decorated for St. Patrick’s Day.

Now, days after that city hall meeting, the law director says the city has decided Taylor will not be cited. He also will not have to take down the skeleton.

“I’m ecstatic about it,” Taylor told the I-Team on Friday. “I thought for sure this was going to end in having to go to court. They weren’t going to back down. They weren’t going to realize I wasn’t doing anything against any ordinance. I’m glad that they finally came to their senses.”

Law Director Michael O’Shea says he took another look at building codes. Then, he dropped the case.

Taylor had argued Rocky River laws don’t address something like this.

But, the law director also said Rocky River is now studying how other cities handle cases like this.

Our initial report sparked an uproar. We quickly received e-mails from people telling us about skeletons just like this one in front of homes in other towns throughout Northeast Ohio.