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CLEVELAND (WJW)– Exclusive video uncovered by the FOX 8 I-Team is something every traveler must see.

A security camera at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport recorded dark, grainy video raising questions about whether that camera, and maybe others there, could actually help solve a crime. And therefore, it also raises concern about what it means for your safety.

In the video, you can barely make out what’s happening. It was recorded weeks ago in the wee hours of the morning, after a driver barreled through a fence around the airfield, then drove back out.

No camera captured that. Later, security video of the scene left a Cleveland councilman disgusted. Councilman Mike Polensek pointed out many home security cameras record clearer pictures at night.

“We’re not running a dog park. You’re running an international airport. You have to have the maximum security. Airport security and all the issues we’re dealing with, you would think you would have the most sophisticated system,” Polensek said.

Last year, another car barreled through an airport fence. A security camera did capture that.

The most recent case went unnoticed for close to two hours. We’ve learned, in the latest case, no camera was even facing the part of the fence where the driver went through.

On top of the new questions about the cameras along the fence line, the I-Team has shown you before, this fence is kind of flimsy. At least twice cars have driven through it, and the fence simply raised up, then snapped back into place.

But we’ve found the city considered this fence as meeting federal standards for airports.

“I would urge the airport administration to take whatever action is necessary to secure the perimeter,” Polensek said.

This comes as the Transportation Security Administration is reviewing the latest incident. That review usually takes up to 90 days.

Monday evening, Cleveland City Hall released a statement saying, “We cannot discuss security surveillance, systems and/or equipment at the airport, because it is security sensitive information.”

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