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CLEVELAND (WJW) — The FOX 8 I-Team just sparked action getting something done about mail collection boxes rusted out with holes.

A FOX 8 viewer sent us a picture of a mailbox in Chardon with large holes in the bottom of it.

Recently, another viewer also sent a tip about another one of those big, blue collection boxes in Parma in the same poor condition.

Viewers raised concern saying the US Postal Service has to do better than that, especially at a time when reports of mail getting stolen from collection boxes have been piling up for almost a year.

So, we contacted the Postal Service. Within a couple of days, we found the mailboxes in Chardon and Parma replaced.

Al Jefferson and his wife had noticed the collection box with holes in Chardon. We wondered how he saw it, when it appeared no postal workers had seen it.

Al Jefferson responded, “Oh, they saw it. They saw it. Just laziness.”

He added, “How many postal workers see that box throughout that day when they retrieve the mail? I’m not sure how long it’s been like that. We just saw it recently.”

In an e-mail, a Postal Service spokesperson wrote, “Management was aware of the issue and were already working on replacing the boxes. “