CLEVELAND (WJW) Last week, after a crippling snowstorm, Mayor Justin Bibb took to social media and promised a new plan to be announced this week for clearing City streets. He said he had inherited a “broken system” when he took office.

Monday, the I-TEAM approached the Mayor after an event inside City Hall, and we asked him where things stand with the new plowing plan.

He initially said, “Working on it as we speak, sir.”

When we asked a follow-up question he said, “We’ll be in touch. We’ll be in touch, very soon.”

However, when we tried to get clarification on that, the Mayor got onto an elevator and didn’t respond again.

Last week during the big storm and just after it, City Hall announced it had all available crews working to clear the streets.

But, days later, some residents still complained about streets not plowed or poorly plowed.

And, again, the Mayor, himself, said the city needed to do better.

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