Exclusive video showing foster teens sleeping in Cuyahoga County office sparks demand for answers


CLEVELAND ( WJW)- Some Cuyahoga County Council members are now asking hard questions after the FOX 8 I-TEAM exposed foster kids staying in a County office building.

Some County Council members are asking why are so many kids spending so much time in that building.

Friday, the I TEAM revealed pictures and a video of something never seen publicly before.

A hidden world inside the headquarters for the Cuyahoga Co. Dept. of Children and Family Services.

Part of the headquarters for child welfare workers turned into a big bedroom for kids.

Beds spread out in the room and belongings lined up in the hallway.

Some of the County’s most troubled kids pass through. Often just for a few hours. But, sometimes for days.

And, some of the teens turn violent.

Monday, County Council President Pernel Jones, Jr. told the I-TEAM, he’d heard about this. And, now, our report has him demanding what will be done about it?

Jones said, “We have to come up with a solution. It needs to be addressed. It’s been well documented. I’ve seen the reporting that you’ve done.” Meantime, County Councilman Michael Gallagher also reacted.

He told us some administrators for child welfare workers had just recently appeared before Council, yet they’d never mentioned this problem.

So, Gallagher also is asking what’s going on there, and what’s ahead?

Last week, the agency director told us kids only stay at that facility if they have no family, no foster home, and maybe if Juvenile Court won’t hold them in the Detention Home. She said, the kids only stay there until the agency finds the best placement for them. And, sometimes, that is not a fast process.

The I-TEAM has reported in the past, a teen viciously attacked a worker while being taken to that building.

We also revealed a video showing a wild car chase and crash involving a teen who’d frequently been at that complex.

We’ll follow this to find out what, if anything, will be changing.

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