HOUSTON (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team obtained exclusive video clips of another deposition in the Deshaun Watson case.

They show portions of testimony from the quarterback’s marketing manager stating one of the woman suing the 26-year-old first asked for $30,000 in exchange for “silence.”  

A transcript of the conversation between one accuser and Watson’s marketing manager, Bryan Burney, states the woman and her manager called him demanding money.

The transcript  states the woman wanted to negotiate “some kind” of settlement for “indefinite silence.”

In the video, Burney is asked by Attorney John MacVane, one of the attorneys representing Watson, “ Did you, in any way, view it as a legitimate attempt to settle some kind of bona fide legal dispute?”

Burney responded, “ No.”

Then, MacVane  asked, “ Did you view it as a shakedown?”

Burney replied, “Yes.”

The Browns quarterback is being sued by 22 women in Houston alleging sexual misconduct. No criminal charges have been field and two grand juries in Texas declined to indict Watson.

Burney also said he set up hotel rooms for Watson so Watson could get massages. Burney told Attorney Tony Buzbee, who is representing the 22 women , that he thought he set up rooms for Watson “three or four times.”

“So far, everybody’s basing their views based on what they’ve heard from one side and we intend to try to correct that in the coming weeks,” said Attorney Rusty Hardin, whose firm is representing Watson. “The facts are that Deshaun didn’t do anything wrong.”

Watson’s legal team recently filed documents in Harris County District Court stating a counselor for one accuser had doubts about the woman’s story after hearing that woman had tried to set up massages with Watson several more times. 

According to court documents, the counselor said, “I strongly feel that she was not truthful, fully truthful.”

Buzbee says his clients are “strong and credible.” He says he wants to take the cases to trial.

The I-Team has learned two attempts to settle the suits have failed.

Hardin said Watson also wants to go to trial and clear his name.

“He did not do any of the allegations he is accused of,” Hardin said.