EUCLID (WJW) – An elderly grandmother was surprised Thursday when police showed up at her door with bags of food.

“Recovered my car, that makes me feel better,” said 83-year-old Lucille Joins.

Euclid Police Chief Scott Meyer, who was holding two bags of food, quickly told her they had more good news.

“And we recovered your dinner,” Meyer said, with a laugh. “Well, we replaced it.”

On Sunday evening, Joins was returning to her Euclid apartment with groceries and a dinner she picked up at a local restaurant. When she got out of the car, two males ran up to her and demanded her car keys. One of the suspects had a gun.

“I was more angry than anything,” Joins told the FOX 8 I-Team.

She fought with the carjackers and was knocked to the ground. Her 54-year-old son called 911 and pulled his mother to safety.

“I had decided to throw the keys under the car and was going to whack the one suspect with my cane when he went to get the keys, that was my intention,” Joins said. “My son pulled me back or I would have whacked him.”

The suspects took off in her car, also taking her groceries and dinner.

The car was found late Wednesday, but police are still searching for the suspects. Joins says she believes the suspects were teenagers.

“They just don’t think about what they are doing,” Joins said. “They need to stop and think.”

She said she is very thankful to Euclid police for their help and for the food.

Meyer and Euclid Capt. Jeff Cutwright said they are grateful Joins is OK.

“God was with me,” Joins said. “God protected me.”