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EUCLID, Ohio (WJW)– Euclid Police Officer Chris Frato knew the dangers of the job when he joined the force four years ago. 

He knew there was a possibility of getting shot or injured. He also knew there was a chance of being exposed to illegal drugs.

“I guess I have to add COVID-19 to the list,” Frato told the Fox 8 I-Team. “About two weeks ago, I started having symptoms of a headache and running a little fever.”

Frato was one of three Euclid officers who tested positive for coronavirus. Frato and one other officer returned to work.

Euclid Police Chief Scott Meyer said the third officer is still home, but expected to make a full recovery. 

Frato said he never thought he would get COVID-19.

“These are three young, fit officers,” Meyer said. “So I want everybody to know that anyone is susceptible to getting this virus.”

Euclid, like other local police departments, has implemented several safety measures, including holding roll call outside. 

Frato said he feels good, but still has not regained his taste or smell. He is told that may take a few months. He advises people to social distance, wear masks, and wash hands frequently.

He added that if you do test positive, don’t panic. 

“I would recommend if you are able to do curbside pickup at grocery stores, to do it. And try and limit yourself and family members from getting it,” Frato said. “If you do get it have a positive mindset throughout it. FaceTime with friends and family. That kind of stuff also helps.”

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