(WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team did some investigating to see what’s being done this Election Day to protect voters like you and people working the polls.

This comes with growing concern over election security.

We found extra patrols and new laws.

Tuesday, we saw some sheriff’s deputies on patrol around polling places, others on foot and others standing guard.

Voters received special attention from deputies and police watching for any troublemakers.

“We’re executing what we believe to be a well-thought-out and executed security plan,” Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Sgt. Matt Massey said. “We’re currently monitoring our intelligence sources. Just being ready to respond to anything that may arise.”

In Wayne County, sheriff’s deputies also made the rounds of polling places to keep an eye on things.

We’ve seen reports from around the country of violence and intimidation tied to politics and voting. So, local law enforcement can’t ignore political tension simmering coast to coast.

The polls opened hours after Cleveland City Council passed new laws against intimidation or harassment around voting.

The City of Akron, just days earlier, did the same thing.

Meanwhile, some votes will come in off of Lake Erie under heavy protection.

In Erie County, sheriff’s deputies bring in the votes from Kelley’s Island. They bring those votes in on a Coast Guard boat, but that system is not new. That voting security has gone on for years.

Outside the Cudell Rec Center in Cleveland, Dililah Gonzalez voted.

“So, I had no real worry about my safety or my security here,” she said.

“We didn’t feel scared or afraid to come out to vote. We did our thing. We did what we had to do,” said another voter, Diana Roldan said.

Outside Cuyahoga County Board of Election Headquarters, Marshay Hollowell said, “People are gonna vote for who they want to vote for regardless of what somebody says.”

The Feds also have lawyers monitoring voting in 64 locations nationwide, including Cuyahoga County.

As of late Tuesday afternoon, local law enforcement officials had not reported any incidents of trouble.