(WJW) – The lawyer for Deshaun Watson spoke out to the FOX 8 I-Team Wednesday, saying, don’t even think of being the next person to file a lawsuit hoping to cash in on him.

Rusty Hardin met with the I-Team in the midst of sweeping developments surrounding the 25th woman to sue Deshaun Watson.

All of the lawsuits involve women accusing Watson of sexual misconduct when he went to get a massage.

“There are not going to be any more settlements. Now, the days of settlements for these kinds of false allegations are over,” Hardin said.

Watson has settled 23 of the lawsuits, but the latest was just filed this month.

“This particular lawsuit is a total sham, and one of the reasons I agreed to sit down with you folks was so the people of Cleveland could know,” Hardin said.

The new lawsuit is based on claims from 2020, but Watson’s legal team has produced text messages that they say shows the accused trying to connect with Watson even long after she says he crossed the line with her.

“Over 35 texts that she sent to him after this event that supposedly occurred that was so traumatic to her,” Hardin said.

Last week, the I-Team revealed records showing a police detective also had raised doubts about this accuser and her claims, saying she didn’t think this case could ever lead to a criminal charge.

However, Watson has never faced charges tied to any sexual misconduct claims.

The attorney behind the latest lawsuit recently spoke to the I-Team.

“At the end of the day, my client wants her day in court,” Anissah Nguyen said.

She also told us her client was ready for the “hard conversations” that come with a case like this.

This week, attorney Nguyen has not returned multiple messages from the I-Team.

While Watson has settled 23 other lawsuits, he also has repeatedly said what he told reporters at a news conference in August.

“Always said, I never assaulted anyone or disrespected anyone. I’m looking forward to  moving forward with my career as soon as possible,” Watson said.

Attorney Hardin says Watson settled those other lawsuits simply to be able to get them behind him without admitting any wrongdoing.

As for the new lawsuit with an accuser from an old incident, Hardin says Watson was, “shocked and hurt.” 

“There’s no responsible person in the world that will believe her allegations,” Hardin said.

Watson’s legal team believes the latest lawsuit is so bogus, they want the court to punish the attorney who filed it possibly with a fine.

It is not clear when the judge on the case may make a ruling.