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CLEVELAND (WJW) — While Cleveland police continue to investigate an ambulance struck by gunfire, the head of the EMS union has voiced his concern.

“We are out there helping people and obviously don’t want to get shot,” Mark Barrett told the FOX 8 I-Team on Tuesday. “We are out there doing the Lord’s work and I think we do it well. So it is kind of concerning we are getting shot at.”

According to police, the shooting happened on East 135th Street on Monday evening. The paramedics were caring for the patient when the shooting happened.

“One person put his body over the patient,” Barrett said.

No one was injured.

Union officials said this is not the first time EMS workers have been in dangerous situations. Barrett noted a few years ago, two paramedics were robbed at gunpoint and, in 2021, an EMS captain was stabbed.

“We are here to help,” Barrett said.  “Don’t target us.”