CLEVELAND (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team has learned the results of an internal investigation into a long delay sending police to the scene of a woman murdered.

After an internal review, Cleveland police say a dispatcher received a letter of reinstruction.

Last winter, Cleveland police went to a home on Huntmere. They found a woman dead in a car.

A neighbor called 911 saying people had heard gunshots earlier and he saw blood in the driveway, but police didn’t show up for more than an hour.

The chief’s office told us the call had been given a lower priority in dispatch only for “suspicious activity.”

Yet, that 911 caller said, “I’m just waking up this morning and my neighbors say they heard shots last night. They heard a lot of commotion arguing over there and so when I go outside to investigate and look I see blood all over there in her driveway.”

The dispatcher responded with, “What do you need the police to respond out for? Anything?”

The caller said, “I’m saying that the lady who stays next door, something might be wrong with her.”

Again, a dispatcher received minor discipline.

Investigators found Jovon Ferguson had been shot in front of a child.

A suspect did get indicted. Records show the case has been on hold as he gets a psych evaluation.