CLEVELAND (WJW) – Long before he will take the field for the Cleveland Browns, Deshaun Watson is spending more time battling civil lawsuits in court.

A hearing was held Tuesday afternoon in Houston on the 22 lawsuits filed by women accusing Watson of sexual misconduct.

Watson is not facing any criminal charges. Two grand juries declined to indict him.

Last month, Watson told reporters at a news conference that he “never assaulted,” or disrespected or harassed any woman.

The women, all represented by attorney Tony Buzbee, filed lawsuits in Harris County District Court. During Tuesday’s hearing, attorneys on both side argued about motions they filed.

Attorneys started taking depositions on the cases last month. Parts of Watson’s deposition was obtained by the I-Team. He told the attorney for the women that he did not know if one of the woman he was getting a massage from was licensed, or trained. He also said he found the women on social media sites.

The I-Team also found several court documents filed on the case, including the transcript of a marketing agent for Watson. He said he did arrange hotel rooms “a handful of times” so Watson could get massages. The marketing agents said one woman, who has filed a civil lawsuit against the quarterback, contacted him and said she wanted $30,000 to keep silent about what happened. She also said Watson had her sign a non-disclosure agreement and she wanted Watson to sign her non-disclosure agreement.

This is part of the transcript:

A: “I mean, it sounds like they, there was, you know, some sort of sexual interaction. I don’t know specifics.”

Q: OK. So, based on what she told you, you like there had been some sort of sexual interaction between her and Deshaun Watson during the massage therapy session?

A: Yes, sir.

Q: And you’re telling me that she wanted Deshaun Watson to sign her own NDA so nobody would know about it?

A: That’s correct.

The man also told attorneys that he asked Watson if anything happened between Watson and the woman, during the massage session.

A: That – basically, that they hooked up.

Q: And by hookup, you mean that they had some sort of sexual interaction?

A: That’s correct. I didn’t ask him specifically what they did.

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Part of a transcript given by one accuser stated she decided to file her suit after she saw another massage therapist had taken legal action.

“I’m worthy of justice,” the woman said during the deposition. “I don’t want him to do this to anyone else.”

Eighteen other massage therapists have spoken out and defended Watson. They say he was always professional when they worked with him.

“I think the allegations to improper conduct are untrue, “ said attorney Rusty Hardin, who represents  Watson. “If anyone made an allegation that something happened that was not consensual, that’s not accurate.”

But the attorney for the women disagrees.

“Each of these women saved their texts, and saved their direct messages where they were solicited,” Buzbee said. “Basically strangers off Instagram and I think the best evidence is the women and the testimony itself.”

Buzbee added he hopes to start the first trial on the case in July.