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CLEVELAND (WJW) – The Cleveland Browns introduced new star quarterback Deshaun Watson on Friday and it gave the FOX 8 I-Team the first chance to ask direct questions about claims of sexual misconduct.

The Browns announced they were acquiring Watson last week from Houston after Deshaun initially said he would not be joining the team.

Thursday, the I-Team broke the news that a second grand jury had decided Watson should not face criminal charges.

But, he still faces 22 lawsuits from women claiming sexual misconduct.

At the news conference Friday, the I-Team asked, “What can you tell us about what actually happened with these women? Are you saying they all just made this up? They’re all lying?”

“All I can say is I never assaulted, I never disrespected, I never harassed any woman in my life. I wasn’t raised that way. My mom and my aunties didn’t raise me that way over the course of my life. That’s not in my DNA,” Watson said in response.

So, we followed up with, “How did we get from zero to 22 lawsuits?”

And, he said, “I can’t control that. The only thing I can control is continue to clear my name.”

Watson dismissed needing counseling because he feels he’s been falsely accused.

The news conference lasted more than half an hour and only a few questions revolved around football.

Browns General Manager Andrew Berry said they did use independent investigative resources to get a full picture of the situation before making a decision. He said the Browns organization is sensitive to the seriousness of the allegations and empathizes with women who are victims of sexual assault.

Berry described the Browns’ investigation as “a five-month odyssey” that resulted in the team feeling comfortable enough with Watson as a person to trade for him — and in extension make him the face of their franchise.

The Browns lured Watson to Cleveland with a record-setting $230 million, fully guaranteed contract, which includes a $1 million base salary in the first season in the event he’s suspended by the NFL.

Watson ended up under a spotlight for going on social media and meeting women for massages.

He also addressed that by saying, “With this day and age, especially with my age group, social media is a big business part that goes into it. So, that’s a factor. As far as the details, I can’t get too far into it because there’s an investigation going on.”

Meanwhile, we checked with the NFL about the league’s internal investigation. The NFL said that investigation is still “open.”

The NFL said they are not able to provide a timeline on the conclusion of the investigation or when a decision concerning his status will be made. The league made the following statement regarding the investigation:

The NFL’s comprehensive investigation of the serious allegations against Deshaun Watson remains ongoing. We have also been closely monitoring all legal developments in the matter.  If the league’s investigation determines that Watson violated the Personal Conduct Policy, discipline may be imposed pursuant to the policy and the collective bargaining agreement.

Some people now believe the Browns sent a bad message to women by trading for Watson while he faces lawsuits from nearly two-dozen women.

The I-Team asked Browns owner Jimmy Haslam, “Are you saying you don’t believe any of these women?”

Haslam said, “Due process does exist in our country and the extensive amount of time we spent researching him led us to make the decision we made.”

The Browns pointed out they did not contact the women from the lawsuits because they did not want to be accused of trying to interfere with the justice system.

We also spoke to Letitia Quinones, a lawyer helping to defend Watson. She said, “We have to wait and let it play out in a court of law.”

She said she hopes Watson learns from the fallout of contacting women on social media.

She added, “This young man, up until these lawsuits, lived a respectful, law-abiding life with many people who have known him that will stand behind him.”

In the end, Watson said he wants to prove himself to you.

“As a person, I’m genuine. I’m hard-working. A leader who loves to be social in the community who loves to give back,” he said.

Watson promised to be active in the community, but he said he wants to be careful to make sure he helps an organization to make a difference. He doesn’t want to be accused of getting active just so that people forget about the sexual misconduct claims.

There’s no telling how long it may take for those lawsuits to play out.