NORTH KINGSVILLE, Ohio (WJW) – Several people have contacted and filed reports with the North Kingsville Police Department stating they bought “bad gasoline” at the Village Food Mart.

“We did get several calls,” said Acting North Kingsville Police Chief Alex Kirk. “Gas is expensive, and no one should be dealing with that.  Very expensive repairs.”

Kirk says a sergeant at his department talked to the manager. Police are continuing to investigate the matter but said it does not appear to be a criminal issue.

“It is more of a civil issue but if someone did have this happen to them, they definitely should contact us and file a report,” Kirk said.

Jeannene Vencill told the FOX 8 I-Team she bought gasoline from the gas station on August 14.  She said moments after she left the station, her car started to have problems.

“I was about a mile from the gas station when my car started sputtering and stalled on Route 20,” Vencill said.

Arthur Risley of North Kingsville said he also bought gasoline at the station on August 14 and also had issues.

“The car stalled while it was going down the road,” Risley said.  He and his wife said the car is brand new. They are now told it will cost $2,000 to fix.

“So far they changed the plugs, they drained the gas as well as they could but said it wasn’t good enough,” Risely said.  “They have a vac company coming to vacuum out the tank. They told me it was caused by bad gas. I have it in writing.”

Mechanics at Dusty and Steve’s Services in North Kingsville say they have had close to half a dozen cars with similar issues caused by the bad gasoline.

“I also know of multiple other car owners that went to other establishments,” said John Fleger, a mechanic at Dusty and Steve’s Services. He said they recently fixed another car.

“We ended up taking the entire fuel tank down cracking it open and looking inside of there,” Fleger said.  “Ended up pulling fuel samples out of the line and so forth and it was just saturated with water. “

We went to the gas station and talked to a man who said he was a manager.  He says the regular gas is fine but for the last six months, he has put tape over the buttons on the pumps of premium gas. He said he also has a sign advising people not to buy anything but the regular gas.

The I-Team did not find a sign at the pumps but did notice tape over the premium gas buttons.

Vencill, however, says the tape was not there when she filled up on August 14.

“I would have never gotten it if there was tape there,” Vencill said. “There was no tape on any of the buttons you press to get the gasoline.”

And Risley says he bought regular gasoline when at the station last week.

Some customers also tell us they are considering lawsuits and contacting the state attorney general’s office to file complaints.