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CUYAHOGA COUNTY, Ohio (WJW) — FOX 8 has found a convicted killer fighting to clear his name after three decades in prison, and he’s speaking out to the I-Team.

Wednesday, John Tiedjen walked into Cuyahoga County Court trying to clear his name and go home after already doing more than 30 years in prison.

Tiedjen hopes to convince a judge, after all this time, he deserves a new trial.

He spoke to us by phone from behind bars.

“I didn’t do the crime,” Tiedjen said. “And, I’m hoping the outcome comes out, the truth comes out, find out that I didn’t do it.”

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Tiedjen has been serving a sentence of 18 years to life in prison. Convicted for killing his roommate in Cleveland in 1989.

But attorney Kim Corral showed the Court crime scene photos, and she argued some had been kept hidden from defense lawyers. She also argued some revealed possible evidence that was never investigated.

“Now, it’s still worth fighting because…the facts that came out that they withheld and all this evidence that’s coming out now,” Tiedjen also told FOX 8.

An evidence specialist with a company called Evidence Room also created an animation to show the victim took his own life, and police got it wrong. Scott Roder also stressed the questions raised with a closer look at the crime scene photos.

“Some of these photographs don’t nearly come to any level of a complete or comprehensive documentation of this crime scene,” Roder said.

At times, we’ve seen inmates walk out of jail right out the front door of the justice center. They’ve walked out to freedom after clearing their names in old cases.

Will john Tiedjen be next? No final ruling in his case, yet.

Judge Dick Ambrose is hearing arguments about whether Tiedjen should get a new trial.

Cuyahoga County Prosecutors have argued in court papers Tiedjen has told conflicting stories about what happened. Tiedjen has said he felt pressured by police back in ’89. And, he’s still claiming that.

We asked about his multiple stories, and he answered, “Well the police told me what to say.”

Three decades of fighting for freedom could come down to the story told by the crime scene pictures. We’ll update what’s happening with this case as soon as there’s a decision by the Court.