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** Editor’s note: This article has been updated to reflect Carl Pecocaro’s title as Teamsters Local 507 secretary treasurer. **

CLEVELAND (WJW) — The FOX 8 I-Team has learned of a tentative agreement reached in a contract dispute involving Cleveland plow drivers, garbage collectors, airport maintenance workers and others.

The agreement comes after a sudden round of contract talks a week before the workers had planned to hold a vote to decide if they would go on strike.

“Local 507 and the City of Cleveland have reached a tentative agreement,” said Carl Pecoraro, Teamsters Local 507 secretary treasurer. “I can’t give you specifics at this time as we are meeting with our committee and waiting on final agreement from the City.”

The city also confirmed a tentative agreement was reached, but declined to offer specifics on Sunday.

“We are honoring the process and letting the union circulate it with their members first before sharing the details publicly,” reads a statement.

The union expects members to vote on the contract proposal next week.

Prior to this, the union had been waiting on a report and recommendations from a state labor fact-finder. That report had been due in a few days, and union members were scheduled to vote to accept the recommendations or vote to strike.

Teamsters 507 represents about 400 workers.

A key issue has been pay, with the workers arguing they had been offered substantially less of an increase than other city unions representing police officers and firefighters.

We have reached out to the city for comment.

While the union has to approve the new contract, so does the city.