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CLEVELAND (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team just got the first look at a new mapping system to help Cleveland plows get to all of your streets more quickly.

This comes as we ask what you can expect with the next big snowfall. We checked on new technology for plow drivers and a new website for you to be able to follow the plows.

The city tells us a new mapping system is now ready for Cleveland plow drivers.

When the snow falls, those drivers will have turn-by-turn guidance with a new GPS mapping system.

Replacing paper maps, the system is designed to help plow drivers get city streets cleared more quickly and without missing any streets.

We went back to Public Works Director Frank Williams. He faced hard questions as the system was still being tested during the last snowstorm, but he tells us the plow drivers will now use the new system even as the routes are still being tweaked.

“The mapping to digital is happening. We’ve tested that over the last two events,” Williams said. “They’re using the maps digitally, but we’re actually working to make better routes that make us more efficient, especially through our residential areas.”

Meantime, we also asked about the city’s plans for a new website so you can track plows from home and see if one is coming near your block.

But, as of Monday afternoon, still nothing appeared online even though the city had promised a new plow tracker for citizens as far back as last year.

The public works director says the plow tracker website is close to finally going online.

“We don’t want something released to the public and it not be accurate,” he said.

For this story, we also went to see Aaron Clark on Melba Avenue.

He had shared pictures from there days after the storm on Christmas weekend.

He remembered that the mayor had promised the city would do a better job of plowing, and he hopes the new GPS mapping system makes a difference.

“I want to see the mayor do what he said he was going to do,” Clark said. “Maybe it’ll help, so, you know, whoever is sitting downtown can see whatever streets have been plowed and which ones haven’t. I want to see the street plowed and taken care of like the rest of the city.”

We’ll let you know when that plow tracker website goes online.

When we get more snow, we’ll watch to see what happens with the plows using electronic maps.