CLEVELAND (WJW) — The FOX 8 I-Team has found the city has started installing dashboard cameras in Cleveland police cars.

But, the union says they won’t be recording any incidents anytime soon.

For years, Cleveland police have worn body cameras recording their activities and interactions at crime scenes.

But, many police agencies record with dash cams in their cars and body cams on their officers.

City Council Public Safety Chairman Michael Polensek led the push to get Cleveland police to have both kinds of cameras.

City police say they have about 300 patrol cars and, so far, dash cams have been put into about a third. Police won’t say how long it will take to get the cameras into all of the cars.

And, the police union says none of the cameras will record anything until the police department writes a policy for using the new cameras and officers get trained on them.

Those supporting the dash cams say they show what a body camera might not pick up.

Police Union President Jeff Follmer, though, doesn’t think the dash cams are necessary.

“I think everybody has cell phone cameras, I think we have our cameras, I think there are cameras on almost every street corner, now,” Follmer said. “People have cameras at their house. We’re being watched enough. We should be able to do our job with the confidence that we’ll do it with the stuff that they’re giving us to watch.”