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CLEVELAND (WJW)– Cleveland City Council called for action on Tuesday to fix the city’s recycling system, which the I-Team first revealed has completely failed.

In 2019, the I-Team first exposed big problems with the system. Last year, we revealed the city had started sending all recycling that gets collected to a landfill, dumping every bit of the recycling alongside all of the rest of the garbage.

At a hearing, council members gave their input to a consultant hired by the city to figure out what to do to get the recycling program working again.

Councilman Mike Polensek reminded the consultant and the administration that city hall had kept the breakdown a secret until the I-Team revealed what was happening.

“I think what’s really angered a lot of folks is when they’ve gotta watch FOX 8 to see that the recycling program has basically been done away with,” Polensek said.

“We really appreciate everybody’s feedback and we’re looking forward to finalizing this report,” said Jim Skora, representing the consulting firm.

He indicated his firm is getting close to providing a report with suggestions on how the city of Cleveland can get its recycling system functioning.

Taxpayers have told the I-Team they’re disgusted by the waste of money. The I-Team revealed last month the city is spending more than $14 million a year to continue collecting recycling from residents even though it is going to a landfill. In fact, the city still collects the recycling in separate trucks.

“I really, really want to understand the feasibility of running two trucks down the street,” Councilman Blaine Griffin said.

“The feedback we’ve been getting back from residents, if we’re not recycling, why do we have two trucks?” Councilman Anthony Brancatelli.

The consultant has talked to citizens and city workers as part of the review.

Council members said the city has to do a better job of explaining what to recycle. The city should give people more reason to recycle.

For so long, we’ve heard so much talk about recycling in Cleveland. Finally, suggestions are expected soon from the consultant. Then, the I-Team will be watching to see how long will take to actually turn that into action and fix the system.

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