CLEVELAND (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team is revealing new video of a woman accused of killing a Cleveland police officer.

Social media clips even show her celebrating the New Year hours after the murder of officer Shane Bartek.

Cuyahoga County prosecutors played the video for a jury in the trial of Tamara McLoyd just before the prosecution finished presenting its case. Prosecutors rested their case late Thursday afternoon.

Investigators revealed an electronic trail on social media. They say they followed that trail to finally find McLoyd.

Investigators say, on New Year’s Eve, McLoyd carjacked officer Bartek while he was off-duty and shot him.

Thursday, they presented text messages and social media videos from shortly after the crime. Some also were posted after another hold-up on the west side.

The messages included, “I’m in a hottie and I just took it from west today.”

Police say they found videos of McLoyd on social media posing with a gun, drinking, rapping to music and ringing in the New Year.

Back in January, police video showed officers chased down a man in the car stolen from officer Bartek. Investigators say messages show McLoyd gave the officer’s car to a friend.

A homicide detective said, “I found messages detailing the facilitation of the trade of Shane Bartek’s vehicle for another vehicle.”

Earlier in the trial, police played security video that they say shows McLoyd carjacking the officer.

Investigators have said they identified her with help from the man found in the officer’s car. They finally located her at a gas station through her social media posts.

Prosecutors also say they have video of McLoyd confessing. A witness testified that science ties her to the crime through DNA on the murder weapon.

The I-Team reported earlier, after the arrest, investigators listened in on hours of jailhouse phone calls.

What did McLoyd say even after a warning that police could listen? We’ve learned the discussion ranged from saying she didn’t mean to do it, to talking about acting like she is sorry or acting as if she has mental health issues.

The jury heard pieces of those calls.

Despite all of that, McLoyd is pleading not guilty. Her lawyers now get a chance to present their case to the jury.

The I-Team asked a defense attorney if McLoyd will take the stand and he would not say. But, now, McLoyd is defending herself against her actions, her social media postings and her words.