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CLEVELAND (WJW) — The FOX 8 I-TEAM just tracked down the Mayor of Linndale, putting her on the spot and on camera for the first time about those notorious tickets from traffic cameras.

Those traffic cameras generate millions of dollars in fines from drivers, even at times from the wrong drivers.

The mayor has avoided us and ignored us, but the I-TEAM waited for her after a public meeting.

Ashlee McLaughlin first asked us to get out of her way. She told us our questioning about the camera program is “not a story.”

But we pressed. We asked what she would say to the wrong drivers getting tickets and what is she doing about it?

The Mayor responded, “It’s not a regular basis. You’re finding it extraordinarily rarely.”

But try explaining that to the long line of drivers we’ve met fighting tickets sent to them with pictures of someone else’s car.

The Mayor added, “Submit your questions in writing. We’ll address them as we always have.”

But, when we asked the Mayor to answer while she was standing right in front of us, she turned to walk away.

She didn’t even respond when we asked why Linndale doesn’t go after drivers who don’t pay camera ticket fines.

The I-TEAM also recently investigated why anyone should pay these tickets when other drivers ignore them and get away with it. We found, last year, Linndale didn’t take any action to go after any unpaid traffic camera tickets.

So, at the same meeting where we found the Mayor, we also went to Linndale Council President Carl Daniels.

We discovered he had no idea Linndale does not chase anyone not paying camera ticket fines.

Daniels said, “Wow! Then you need to talk to the Law Director. I have no further comment.”

The Mayor also had no more comments. She finally went into a room down the hall from the public meeting area.

In short, she had little to say about the traffic cameras, and she had nothing to add.

So, we went to the top in that tiny town, and we got no indication anything will change with those cameras you love to hate.

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