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BROADVIEW HEIGHTS, Ohio (WJW)–  A Broadview Heights couple wanting to make sure important documents were delivered to the U.S. Treasury paid to send the items certified mail on Dec. 10.

Now, more than two months later, the letter and documents still have not been delivered.

“Can I get this letter back in my hand? Because it’s still in Cleveland, I think,” Pat Clark told the I-Team Monday. “It’s frustrating.”

She said her husband mailed the letter from the Broadview Heights branch around 9:30 a.m. on Dec. 10.

“The first update text message I got from USPS was on Dec. 10 and it said that the letter was accepted that morning,” Clark said. “Then for the next four days we got an update that it was on time and it was to arrive on Dec. 14.”

She said a few days after Dec. 14, she received notifications from the USPS that the letter would not be arriving on time.

“Then we got a text message everyday saying it is arriving late, it’s arriving late, it’s arriving late,” Clark said.

About a month after it was mailed, Clark went back to the post office asking if they knew where her letter was located.  They said it was on it’s way to Minneapolis and should be delivered soon.

“It’s been two months now and it’s still not there,” Clark said. “I don’t think it ever left Cleveland.”

A spokeswoman with the United States Postal Service said they will look into the matter and noted that as the holiday inventory continues to drop, the “Postal Service anticipates further improvements in performance.”

But Clark is tired of waiting.

“At this point,  I just want to know if I can get it back,” Clark said. “I will send it UPS or FedEx and I want to get my money back, too.”