CLEVELAND (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team is digging up more new developments in the sexual misconduct cases filed against Browns Quarterback Deshaun Watson. New questions about why dozens of women have filed lawsuits but investigators have filed no criminal charges.

So far, 24 lawsuits have been filed and Attorney Tony Buzbee, who represents all the accusers, says more lawsuits could be filed soon.

Buzbee says he recently learned that an assistant district attorney was regularly corresponding with Watson’s legal team.

“You’re going to learn that they were quite cozy with the DA,” Buzbee told the I-Team.

A grand jury in Harris County, Texas decided not to indict Watson on any criminal charges.

Buzbee released a statement saying in part, “the police investigation team was convinced that Watson had committed more than 10 sexual crimes… The assistant district attorney had prevented the investigating officers from talking to the women who had filed lawsuits but had not filed criminal complaints.”

“Wouldn’t take the information I was trying to provide them,” Buzbee said. “But Watson’s team created a PowerPoint presentation to present to the grand jury.”

Watson’s lead lawyer also just spoke out to the I-Team, saying yes, he did provide information to be considered by the grand jury and he makes no apologies.

“Every attorney who believes his client is not guilty has the opportunity to present evidence pre-indictment to the grand jury,” said Attorney Rusty Hardin, whose firm represents Watson.

A grand jury in another county in Texas also declined to indict Watson on any criminal charges.