CLEVELAND (WJW) – A 60-year-old Cleveland man remains jailed for not making repairs on his home, but more people are offering support to help him get released.

A local company is offering to make some repairs for free and a civil rights lawyer is asking Cleveland Housing Court Judge W. Mona’ Scott to release Jeffrey Ivey from the Cuyahoga County Jail.

The judge sentenced Ivey to 90 days in jail. He has been locked up since Jan. 30 for not fixing up a century old home on East Boulevard that has been in his family for decades.

“I don’t think anyone should be incarcerated for the inability to pay like Mr. Ivey,” said Atty. Marcus Sidoti.

Sidoti filed the motion Friday with the court, asking for Ivey’s release. The judge has not yet issued a ruling on the motion.

“The collateral consequences of his continued incarceration are deep and fundamentally unfair,” the motion states. “Mr. Ivey is not any better suited to make the home inhabitable or safe and in fact, his continued incarceration has the opposite effect.”

The motion further states that Ivey is making “bona fide efforts” to repair the home .

A local company, WeatherSeal Home Services, is offering to fix some of the windows on the home.

“We saw the story and just thought that this is terrible,” said Bill McClellan, of WeatherSeal Home Services. “We never saw anything like it. Someone being locked up for not making the repairs. We want to do what we can to help him get out.”

Ivey has faced orders to fix up the property for years. His good friends, Gina Washington and Vanessa Jones, told the FOX 8 I-Team that Ivey has done everything he can, but the repairs are costly.

“He got a part time job at a DIY store,” Washington said. “This is not just some property to him. This house was his grandmother’s and his mother’s. This is his home. ”

She noted he has not lived in the home for several months since the judge ordered that he vacate the house in October.

She said he also works as a freelance photographer and is unable to work at either job since he is in jail.

City and community leaders are also offering support.

“He is a good man,” said Rev. Emmitt Theophilus Caviness. “He wouldn’t have willfully done this. A little rational, compassion and empathy would have curtailed this.”

For days, the I-Team has tried talking to the judge. We tried finding her at the court and we left messages for her to call. We also filed a written request at the court asking to talk to her. She has not responded.

We have many questions about this case. We would also like to ask how many landlords or big property owners, with housing violations, has she thrown in jail.

“Our hearts became so heavy when we found out about this,” said Dr. Marcia McCoy, president of National Action Network Greater Cleveland Chapter. “Jeff always did work for us at our events. He was scheduled to work for us Friday. We were hoping he would get out.”

McCoy and other community leaders point out that many violent offenders are out walking the streets but Ivey remains locked up.

Ivey’s friends have also started a GoFundMe account to help him get enough money to make all the repairs.