CLEVELAND (WJW) — The FOX 8 I-Team has uncovered another attack on a woman in broad daylight in the heart of downtown Cleveland.

And, we found, when she called for police, she had to wait a long time for help.

This comes to light after the I-Team recently reported on a series of other violent crimes downtown including two women beaten by a man at a bus stop.

The latest case involves a woman attacked while riding her bike through Public Square. She says a stranger never said a word, yet he punched her in the face.

“I was riding home,” The victim told the I-Team. “And, he reached out his fist. And, he got me smack in the center of my face. I’ve never been afraid, and now, it is stranger-danger from this point forward.”

The woman’s 911 call shows she told dispatch: “I was just punched in the mouth by this guy, and there’s no police around.”

A call taker told her, “She’s trying to get you an officer, now. I need you to just sit tight and wait for an officer.”

Records show the victim waited 16 minutes for police.

She also told the I-Team: “It’s just shocking to me. Had the response time been better, this guy could have been identified.”

While we’ve reported on other violent crimes downtown, we’ve also put a spotlight many times on a chronic shortage of Cleveland police.

WJW photo

On Tuesday at midday, we took a drive around, and we didn’t see any police on Public Square.

So, what about a woman attacked and waiting 16 minutes for police after calling 911? How does city hall consider that acceptable? We asked the Cleveland police about the reason for the delay on this call. The chief’s office is now looking into it.

Mayor Justin Bibb has claimed public safety is a priority. And, during his state of the city address last month, he said: “Keeping people safe is crucial to our quality of life.”

But, the victim punched on her bike at Public Square has a message for the mayor. She said, “You want to feel safe. I’m no longer gonna feel safe.”

That attack happened last month, days after the attack on two women at a bus stop. Police did arrest a suspect for the bus stop beating, and he has been indicted for the assault along with charges for Ethnic Intimidation. Investigators are treating that case as a hate crime.

No one has been arrested yet for the beating on the bike. The victim said, “It was scary. It was really alarming.”

You will find many security cameras in and around Public Square. So, the I-Team has requested video from city of Cleveland cameras and RTA cameras to find out what was captured on video.