EUCLID, Ohio (WJW) – Video released to the FOX 8 I-Team shows what led to an officer-involved shooting in Euclid Tuesday night.

Police body camera video shows officers approaching a car that was in a ditch near the Euclid Avenue exit off of I-90 around 10 p.m.

“The officers thought someone may be hurt, the roads were snowy and the car was in a ditch,” said Captain Mitch Houser.

The officers knocked on the window of the car, but the man inside the vehicle would not respond.

The officers saw him smoking a cigarette and knocked on the window again and ordered him to open the door. The suspect refused.

“He continued to ignore the officers and at one point starts revving his engine,” Houser said. “You can’t let a guy just sit there, revving up the car because something could happen. If he takes off, someone could get hurt because there is a good suspicion that maybe he is impaired.”

After a few minutes, the officers break the window and attempt to get the man out of the vehicle. A couple seconds later, one officer notices that the man grabs a gun.

A Euclid officer then fires two shots.

The suspect was not injured and did not fire his gun.

“His gun was fully loaded,” said Euclid Chief Scott Meyer. “It had one in the chamber and it had 15 rounds in the magazine for a total of 16 rounds. This was a very scary and dangerous situation for our officers.”

The man was arrested and charges are pending.

Detectives are also investigating the officer’s use of force, which is standard policy after a police involved shooting, the chief said.

Both Houser and the chief said they are grateful no one was seriously injured.