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AKRON, Ohio (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team obtained a new look never seen before showing what happened the night Akron police shot and killed Jayland Walker.

Now that a grand jury has cleared the officers involved of any criminal charges, we’re seeing computer animation and reconstruction of the scene.

All part of a package of 3D modeling done for the police union during the investigation.

Computer animation shows what police saw while chasing Walker, including a gunshot police said was fired from his driver’s side window.

A frame-by-frame analysis of police video reveals more.

It highlights how Walker got out of his car, how he turned and faced officers and what he did with his hands.

The production was created based on police dash cam video, body camera video and a summary report from the medical examiner’s office.

The animation also features Walker’s face-to-face encounter with police and the attempt by officers to use tasers.

An aerial view also provides a look at where police were at the scene as the encounter played out.

A local firm called Evidence Room created the animation and reconstruction. Evidence Room has done work like this in court cases nationwide.

To be clear, this production focuses only on what led up to the shooting: the car chase, the foot chase and Walker’s movements.

While you see all of the evidence investigators went through on this case, we asked the attorney general what he’d say to people who still don’t trust the grand jury process.

“There needs to be confidence in members of the community that this was independently investigated, thorough and I think if you go through the whole file that will be available to you, you will come to the same conclusion,” Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost responded.

During a news conference, we also asked what one piece of evidence more than any other helped to decide the case.

“Usually in these type of cases, it’s a culmination of evidence. All the evidence from all the parts of the investigation that come together,” Senior Assistant Attorney General Anthony Pierson said.

Now, at the end of the investigation, a new look at the evidence.