CLEVELAND (WJW) – Video released to the FOX 8 I-Team shows a 13-year-old girl arrested for an attack in a Cuyahoga County office building.

Another incident at the headquarters for social workers where kids have carried out violence and caused chaos for a long time.

This comes to light as the I-Team has learned the County is moving closer to finally moving teens out of that building.

Social workers have raised safety concerns as the County has used a section of the building to hold some of the most troubled foster kids as workers tried to find homes for them.

This case happened weeks ago, but the County just released the body camera video from the Cuyahoga Sheriff’s Dept.

You see a 13-year-old girl put in handcuffs and led out of the building for a serious assault on another teen.

The girl arrested now sits locked up in the detention center facing a felony charge for the assault.
Last year, two workers went before County Council begging for help and demanding someone do something.

The I-Team had exposed what had been going on with the juveniles.

Some stay in a living area set up in a section of the office building. Sometimes, they are there for hours. Workers say, other times, kids can be there for days and even longer.

Video obtained by the I-Team has shown kids fighting, attacking workers, and crashing a car into the building.

Workers say the kids cause other trouble, too, and they often just leave the building to run the streets.

Marilyn Henderson told County Council, “We’ve had it up to ‘here’ living in fear. ‘Cause no one is doing anything right now. I’m frustrated. I’m angry. The Administration leaves at 4:30 and don’t look back.  But, we’re stuck there.”

Now, we’ve learned, the County has taken steps toward ending the practice of holding kids in that office building. The County had been looking for an outside agency to take in the juveniles.

We expect to find out about new developments soon.

Also, last year, the head of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services issued a statement. Matt Damschroder said he’s “disturbed and concerned.”

His statement also said, in part, “We have immediately reached out to see what resources and assistance we can offer. We have also activated our Rapid Response team to evaluate and provide any support needed.”