CLEVELAND (WJW) – A 101-year-old woman just opened up to the FOX 8 I-Team about getting shot by a stray bullet and stopping gun violence.

Habeeba Barnes spoke out about getting shot and surviving, getting justice and taking back the streets.

“I’m kind of surprised, myself, I got shot. I just felt something in my arm and I called for my daughter. I just figured I was lucky because the bullet could’ve landed somewhere else,” she said.

A couple of weeks ago, a bullet came through the ceiling of a duplex on East 151st in Cleveland.

The woman known as Grandma BB ended up shot in the arm. She said that made her think about gun violence.

“You don’t take it too seriously until it happens to you and I was surprised that it happened to me,” she said.

Cleveland Police arrested a man upstairs.

Police body camera video reveals what happened as they investigated.

The suspect can be heard saying, “I don’t have no guns.”

An officer says, “There ‘is’ a gun here. There is a gun.”

The suspect says again, “We don’t have no gun.”

The officer answers with, “You do.”

Barnes said Monday that she wants justice.

“Yeah, I think he should go to jail,” she said.

But, consider what we found in the background of the suspect, Dwayne Giddens. He has been indicted on three felony weapons charges.

Cuyahoga County Prosecutors say he had no right to have a gun. They point out in court records that he already has a record for drug possession and attempted robbery.

Records also show the suspect was on probation at the time of this shooting.

Yet, after he got arrested, the court allowed him to put up bond money and walk out the door back onto the streets.

We also wondered what Barnes would recommend to stop violent crime soaring around the nation and in Cleveland.

“The police have to do their work and put their foot down,” she said.

She also has a message for the mayor, saying, “Start doing your duty and put more effort in it. I ain’t in politics, but they should know what to do.”

In fact, she also has a message for everyone who has cared about her since she got shot.

She said, “Well, my arm hurts once in a while. Other than that, I’ll be all right. Thanks for the prayers.”

Barnes expects to get the stitches out of her arm in a few weeks.

The suspect will also be due back in court in several days.