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CLEVELAND — The FOX 8 I-Team is investigating how a Cleveland police officer ended up in a local rap video that includes lyrics about violence.

The video features rapper, 2 Loyal Rell, and the song includes the line, “Shoot a snitch in the…face.” The song also includes foul language.

We tracked down the rapper. He said, “Like, the video wasn’t even supposed to come out like that. It just happened like that.”

2 Loyal Rell grew up on rough streets on the east side. He says he and his brother and a film crew started shooting a video. They went to get a couple of shots at the Fourth District Police Headquarters. He says they happened to run into the officer and started talking about the video.

He told us, “He’s like, ‘What’s it about?’ We like, ‘we just doing a music video; you want to play in it?’ We was playing with him. And he’s like, ‘Yeah. I like seeing young guys do positive things.'”

But several officers contacted the I-Team saying they are disgusted and they believe that this makes cops look bad.

Police Union President Steve Loomis said, “He’s a victim of circumstance.” Loomis spoke for the officer and told us the patrolman did not ask to hear lyrics before getting filmed.

Loomis added, “He didn’t hear the lyrics. There was no music.”

“It was sold as a positive video that they were trying to make.” Loomis says the officer simply wanted to take a step toward helping to bridge the gap between police and citizens.

If a reporter, say, at FOX 8, wants to interview an officer on camera, or get specific video, the reporter has to get permission from the chief’s office. So what about what happened here? The chief’s office says it’s aware, and the matter’s under review.

2 Loyal Rell says he can understand why some officers would be upset. He responded, “Yeah but it’s nothing like that. It’s all positive.”

How can it be positive? The rapper says the lyrics are nothing more than random thoughts. He said, “It’s just music. Like, it really don’t have no meaning to it. It’s just music.”

Yet, this now has the rapper under a bit of a spotlight and the officer under a microscope.