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CLEVELAND — The FOX 8 I-Team is investigating what happened to a local eight-year-old girl just recently reported missing by child welfare workers, though, they say, the mother claims she gave the child to a relative five years ago.

Cleveland police are investigating and trying to answer the question, “Where’s Nevaeh?’

Late last month, a Cuyahoga County child welfare worker called police to say, “We have a child who, I need to file a missing persons report on.”

The worker told police the little girl’s mother claimed “she gave the child up to a cousin…in Florida.” And, mom claimed that happened in 2013.

The worker told a dispatcher, “Mom did have custody at the time. She’s stating she gave the child to a relative, but there’s a lot of different stories that are coming out.”

At juvenile court, the I-Team found child welfare workers have dealt with this mother for years. Hauling her before judges to answer to concerns about her parenting. Records show yet another case filed in August. And that case mentions one of the kids can’t be found.

So how could a child vanish from the streets for years even with the family under watch?

Again, the county worker called police just weeks ago, but police say they were told the county realized a child was missing back in June.

We tried to track down the mother, but we had no luck.

Meantime, Cleveland police are tracking down every angle they can think of to try to find the child.

Months ago, on the west side, questions came up about where to find a five-year-old boy. Police later found him dead and buried in the backyard. That boy’s mother and her boyfriend ended up going to prison.

So far, this case is simply an odd missing persons case with countless possibilities.

The county says its child welfare agency recently took eight kids away from the mother. But one more was already gone—somewhere.

That worker on the call to police said, “We can’t verify that she gave guardianship to a relative, and nobody has information about this.”

As of late Tuesday, a spokesperson for the county was working with top administrators for child welfare workers to gather information to address some of our questions revolving around what happened to Nevaeh and how her family’s cases were handled.