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CLEVELAND (WJW) — The FOX 8 I-TEAM has obtained exclusive video showing a wanted man trying to run over Cleveland Police officers, and moments later, trying to drive off in a stolen semi-truck.

It happened in the scrapyard behind McMahan’s Wrecking on the west side.

“Changing times. Not afraid. They’re not afraid of nothing, not afraid of the police,” owner Donnie McMahan said.

Police got a tip about a wanted man in the scrapyard.

The video shows, as officers got there, the man drove a pick-up truck at them, and he even tried to hit them by backing up after he passed them.

Employees point out that the man was so desperate, he drove through piles of metal and into junk cars.

Next, the video shows the man get out of the pick-up and run on top of rows of junk cars trying to get away. He then hopped in a semi-truck that belongs to the business there.

Yet, he managed to start the truck and slowly drive off smashing more cars.

An officer jumped up to the door, but the man wouldn’t stop. He, ultimately, plowed through a fence.

But before, he got to the road, officers yanked him out from behind the wheel of the big rig and arrested him.

We looked into the background of that driver. We found a long record of indictments for robbery and stolen property and more. Multiple times, he’s asked the court to let him out of prison early and the courts said no.

In fact, long before this, Cuyahoga County prosecutors called him a one-man crime spree.

Watching the video, Donnie McMahan is glad no one got hurt and is surprised officers didn’t fire shots to defend themselves.

He said, “Anybody sees this video will be surprised they didn’t shoot the guy.”

And employee Lou Lewis said, “The officers used a lot of restraint. Didn’t use excessive force. Did a great job.”

As of Thursday afternoon, the suspect was sitting in jail under investigation.

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