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CLEVELAND (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team uncovered a video showing a local daycare worker pushing kids in a stroller in the middle of a busy Cleveland street.

After the I-Team started investigating, the daycare took action.

Neighborhood cameras captured a woman checking her phone while standing in the street with three kids in a stroller. The woman stayed there so long, a car came by more than a minute later and the driver had to go out of the way to get past.

After that, the woman slowly pushed the stroller all the way down the block, not on the sidewalk, but in the street.

While you might wonder why anyone would push a stroller down the middle of a street, the I-Team found the woman, in this case, did that while working at a daycare center.

She casually took the kids for a walk down busy West 103rd Street near Madison Avenue in Cleveland.

A witness turned to the I-Team with that video.

“I’d hate to see something happen to one of these kids,” he said. “If it was my grandchild or my kid, I wouldn’t want them pushing them down the middle of the street like that. The way people drive nowadays is crazy.”

So, the I-Team went to the daycare, Next Step Prep Academy.

A manager at the door asked, “What are you here for?”

The I-Team told her we’d gone there because of community concern.

“I’m gonna take care of this,” she said.

Within hours, that worker had been fired.

Christian Hunter, the owner of Next Step Prep Academy, said he was “very disturbed” by what he saw.

“Security is our number one priority. The employee that was involved has been terminated,” he said.

He added that he has “zero tolerance” for what was captured on the cameras.

What about that daycare? The I-Team checked records from the last two state inspections. There were no “serious risks” or “moderate risks” listed in the reports.

The reports list some record-keeping improvements needed, but no more than that.

That witness who had contacted the I-Team had hoped our spotlight would, in fact, put an end to the worker taking kids into traffic.

“We have sidewalks for a reason, you know? Yeah, brand new sidewalks,” he said.

FOX 8 did not identify that worker since she’s facing no charges from the police.

The daycare owner tells the I-Team she’d been an employee for about six months.

While the owner admits he’s not happy about that video, he says he’s glad someone spoke up to protect the kids.