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CLEVELAND (WJW) — The FOX 8 I-TEAM has uncovered the story behind what Cleveland City Hall only called a “security incident” at Hopkins Airport involving Deputy Commissioner Eric Turner.

The I-TEAM obtained a letter placing Turner on paid leave, outlining what sparked a city investigation.

The letter says on November 23, 2019 Turner met a relative and “improperly escorted” him through a secured area to his city vehicle. Then, Turner and his guest went out the security gate there and left in the City of Cleveland vehicle.

On November 29, the letter says, Turner came back to Hopkins Airport with the same relative in the City of Cleveland vehicle.

He was stopped by security. His relative was logged in and claimed to be an IBM employee.

The letter continues, stating that Turner is accused of  “improperly” escorting the relative again through the secured area into a “sterile area” of the airport and finally to a security checkpoint at the airport ticketing level.

Turner had a disciplinary hearing scheduled for January 10, but the city has not released any information about any punishment.

This marks the latest investigation in a series of incidents involving Cleveland city officials at Hopkins.

Two officials were punished for bypassing security.

The I-TEAM revealed, recently, that two other airport officials were punished after an internal investigation found one took a city vehicle out of state without permission, and the two men were accused of trying to cover up what had been done.