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BROOKLYN-The FOX 8 I-Team has obtained security video showing what happened when about 20 people got into a brawl at a local family restaurant, a story we first reported Sunday night.

And we’re investigating why we’ve seen so many similar scenes, lately, at places where you take your family to eat.

Brooklyn police have now reviewed the video of what happened Sunday night at the Golden Corral, and it shows how quickly trouble erupted with plates falling, people running and carrying brooms or mops as weapons, and an entire crowd suddenly involved in pushing and shoving.

The video shows the chaos even with small children right in the middle of it.

Police arrested 3 people on charges for rioting. And we tracked down one of them.

Layuanna Thompson said, “So I defended myself, and I had my kid with me. We ain’t do nothing wrong. We defended ourselves.”

We asked, how does something like this explode at a family restaurant? Thompson answered, “I don’t know. I can’t really explain how that would happen.”

Thompson said she believes the confrontation began because someone there at the Golden Corral was mad about something that had happened in the past.

Police body camera video revealed this week by the I-TEAM showed police arriving to find customers yelling and finger-pointing, and you could see employees shaken by the incident.

The security video shows employees also tried to regain control after the trouble spiraled.

This incident was just the latest in a series of large fights caught on video at local restaurants.

A worker at a Cleveland restaurant told the -I-Team, during a big fight there days ago, she stopped a woman about to throw a chair through a window. A caller told police people there also were throwing knives. And this week, police even got called to a fast food spot for 8 people fighting. One with a baseball bat.

So why are we seeing so much of this at restaurants? Police have no explanation for it. And Thomson said, “I don’t know. I can’t tell you. I was defending myself.”

Golden Corral issued a statement praising the response of workers and police. The statement also called safety of customers a priority.

The people charged in that incident go to court later this month.

Brooklyn police had been waiting to get the video from the restaurant to help decide if anyone should face more serious charges, or if more people involved should face charges. Police now say they do not expect any more fallout from the incident.

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