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CLEVELAND, Ohio — The FOX 8 I TEAM has found new outrage among drivers and even police over packs of dirt bike riders taking over Cleveland streets.

Police radio traffic from Sunday evening shows officers described some of the riders even rolling up onto cars and kicking at other vehicles.

The I TEAM has shown you before, dozens of dirt bikes and ATVs often take over city streets, even downtown. However, Cleveland Police officers say they are not allowed by the department to chase the bikes.

But Sunday, on the west side, an officer could be heard telling dispatch, “Oh my God. They’re on top of the hoods of cars. On the hood of a vehicle.”

Another officer could be heard saying, “They’re almost running people over, and they’re kicking at people, and they’re going crazy, I guess.”

Bill Horton saw some of this from a porch. He’s had enough. Horton said, “You know what really just frosted me? When I called 911, yesterday, to report it. And the lady told me
that the police aren’t allowed to do anything about it.”

In fact, on the radio tapes, you could hear chatter among officers and dispatch saying, “Guys are complaining that it’s a hazard. Someone’s gonna get hurt. We’re not doing anything, they said.” Another voice can be heard responding “That’s correct.”

So the I TEAM checked back with City Hall and police brass to find out what will be done about this and when. Weeks ago, Cleveland Police told us they were working on a new policy for dealing with this problem. However, for this story, a spokesperson said the new policy is still being developed, and there is no time frame for when it will be finished.

Meantime, Cleveland City Council has approved plans pushed by the city administration for a dirt bike track. However, the first contracts to get the project moving are still being written.

Horton wonders how long this will go on in the streets with no boundaries. He said, “They’re breaking the law.”