CLEVELAND (WJW) — Video released to the FOX 8 I-Team shows a Cleveland police chase inside a local department store.

The video shows officers running down a woman wanted for murder, and they take down another suspect at gunpoint.

It happened last month inside the Walmart in the Steelyard Commons shopping complex.

Police video shows officers walking through the store and looking around, but not shopping — instead, searching for a murder suspect.

When they spot her, an officer reaches out to grab her, but she takes off running.

She goes down aisle after aisle.

An officer yells, “Stop!” She pauses, then tries to run again.

Two officers finally arrest Shanaja Jones.

Then officers confront a man trying to leave through the front door. An officer orders him to the ground at gunpoint. They arrested the man identified as Walter Robinson Jr.

Cleveland homicide detectives believe Jones took part in a shooting back in June on the southeast side that left one man dead and another shot and wounded.

We’ve learned detectives also believe Jones and Robinson had gone to that Walmart on multiple days, staring down an employee — a relative of one of the victims.

On the day of the arrests, police got there quickly.

Cuyahoga County prosecutors have indicted Jones for murder and felony assault. That shooting remains under investigation. Jones and Robinson have also been indicted for stalking and obstruction — charges for what happened in the store.

In court, both suspects are pleading not guilty.

At the store, Jones told police, “I didn’t do nothing.”

Police asked Robinson why he ran.

“Cause she was running. They was chasing her,” he said.

An officer responded with, “That’s not how it works, buddy.”

The cases filed so far are just beginning to move through court.

We will update the story as the murder investigation continues to develop.