CLEVELAND (WJW) — The FOX 8 I-Team just captured video of a dog that had been shot twice now making a recovery no one ever expected.

First responders have called Clyde a “miracle dog,” and now we see why.

On Thursday, we saw Clyde at West Park Animal Hospital taking some of his first steps since last week when he got shot two times, including once in the head.

His owner, Shaniya Lindsey, also ended up critically hurt from a gunshot. We spoke to her as she recovers in a hospital.

“I wish I could come up there and thank them myself, thank them for taking such good care of him, because I didn’t know he was alive when I ran out of the house,” she said.

Police said Lindsey’s boyfriend shot her and Clyde, then took his own life.

The police report shows the survival story for Clyde began long before he got to the veterinarian. The first officers on the scene of the shooting found Clyde just inside the front door. An ambulance rushed Lindsey to the emergency room. Then, officers took Clyde to the Animal Hospital in a patrol car.

Dr. Santiago Bustamante treated Clyde as police rushed in with him.

“I was kind of expecting him not to make it,” he said.

(WJW photo)

X-rays show the bullets and bullet fragments still in the dog’s body, but, somehow, the shots didn’t hit organs that would’ve killed Clyde instantly.

“The way the bullets travelled, it didn’t damage any cavities. You know, I think he got lucky. He got pretty lucky with this,” Bustamante said.

Now, the entire staff at West Park Animal Hospital feels lucky — grateful for the chance to start nursing Clyde back to health.

“And he has, honestly, filled all of us with so much hope, in general. And his story is just a story of hope. And he’s awesome,” said Sarah Jordan-Neumann.

Clyde now needs other medical procedures, so he’s not nearly ready to head home. But his family is thankful to be able to look forward to that.

“He is, literally, everything to me. He’s always been by my side. I care about his health more than mine,” said Lindsey.

But, with medical bills piling up, it may take help from you to pull Clyde through the rest of his recovery. The family has started a GoFundMe page.