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LINNDALE, Ohio — The FOX 8 I-Team now has exposed the secrets the village of Linndale doesn’t want you to know about its traffic cameras.

The smallest village in Cuyahoga County is using a camera company to spit out tickets outraging drivers like you, and we’ve found those cameras are generating millions of dollars from fines.

Plus, we uncovered more evidence of the cameras getting it wrong.

David Thompson, of Elyria, says his green pick-up truck never passed underneath those traffic cameras, but he still got a ticket in the mail with a hundred dollar fine.

Yet another mistake the I-Team has brought to light with the traffic cameras in Linndale, the tiny village so many of you consider a maddening speed trap.

We’ve also learned the traffic cameras in Linndale generate more than a million dollars a year, according to revenue receipts filed with the state auditor’s office.

When we asked Linndale officials how many camera tickets are issued and how much is collected in fines, village leaders said they didn’t know.

So the I-Team checked revenue reports filed with the state. Those reports show in 2016, Linndale reported receiving revenue from a camera company in the amount of $1.4 million. In 2017, the amount was $1.3 million.

What about the claim the cameras are there for safety? Linndale officials released an inter-office memo to the I-Team saying they have noticed an “observable difference in the amount of speeders ” in a densely trafficked area in the village.

Police Chief T.W. Franczak also wrote in the memo that “there is still an identified need” for the photo enforcement program. He further stated in the memo, the camera enforcement has given officers time to focus more closely on community outreach and other public safety goals.

Thompson, and Hector Perez, a FOX 8 employee, both received tickets from Linndale. Both tickets showed vehicles that weren’t theirs, and both had their tickets dismissed.

David Thompson isn’t buying any argument about the cameras playing any role in making the streets safer. “I think it’s all about money, not the safety,” Thompson told FOX 8.

The I-Team sent follow-up questions to the village law director about the state revenue reports showing the massive amounts of money generated by the cameras. No one from Linndale has responded.

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