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CLEVELAND (WJW) — A man will now go to prison for stealing money collected in the name of Brush High School athlete Alec Kornet after he died suddenly.

Late Thursday, a Cuyahoga County Judge sentenced David Gordon to three years.

Judge Daniel Gaul said, “You’re going to prison because that’s where you belong.”

Alec Kornet died in 2017 after hockey practice. Months later, the I-TEAM uncovered an investigation into money missing from funds raised in his honor.

Cuyahoga County Prosecutors, Lyndhurst Police and agents with the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation built a case against David Gordon.

He ultimately plead guilty.

Just before sentencing, the I-TEAM questioned him and he wouldn’t answer.

During sentencing, Judge Gaul lost patience with him saying, “As of today, you still don’t get it.”

The Judge handed out prison time, in part, since Gordon has been convicted as a con man before.

Investigators traced back bank records, and they determined David Gordon took at least $6,000 for himself.

But, some questions about the money collected could never be answered. For instance, exactly how much money was collected by just passing a hat or a bucket at sporting events?

Alec’s mother, Stephanie, said, “What he did to us at our lowest point was horrible.”

And his father, Scott, said a group of community members decided they were getting together to get justice.

Scott Kornet said David Gordon had, at one point, even been close to the family.

Then this.

Cuyahoga County Prosecutors say Gordon has paid back $6,000. Though the judge was not convinced that settles what happened.

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