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CLEVELAND – The FOX 8 I TEAM has found gun charges filed against a former pro boxer who once fought Mike Tyson.

Abdul Rahman has been indicted in connection with a deadly shooting. In 1985, he was known as Ricardo Spain. Multiple sources tell FOX 8 he fought Tyson and lost.

The new charges surround an incident outside an RTA bus on Cleveland’s east side in July. Initially, Rahman got arrested for shooting and killing Andrew Easely. But after an investigation by Cleveland homicide detectives, a grand jury voted for charges only related to the gun. They include carrying a concealed weapon and a felony charge since Rahman is already a convicted felon and should not have had a gun.

The I TEAM has learned investigators determined three people on the bus were taunting and harassing Rahman. Police found he got off the bus, but the people followed, so he flashed the gun. Ultimately, investigators found the people in the confrontation kept coming at Rahman and he fired.

The ex-wife of Andrew Easely reacted. Morrita Easely-Sutton sighed and said, “For him to have to do that was just senseless. I feel like you murdered my husband, but you are just walking away scot-free with just a weapons charge.”

In court Monday, Rahman plead not guilty. And he had the public defender appointed to represent him since he doesn’t have money to pay for a lawyer. The public defender’s office grateful the grand jury did not indict for the killing, but lawyers there are just getting into the details of this case.

Cuyahoga County Prosecutors point out grand jury proceedings are generally secret, so they couldn’t say much about why the grand jury voted as they did on the charges. The prosecutor’s office issued a statement saying, “The Grand Jury deliberated, considered possible charges and returned an indictment charging Abdul Rahman on one count of Having Weapons While Under Disability and one count of Carrying a Concealed Weapon regarding the July 12, 2017 incident involving the death of Mr. Andrew Easley near the RTA bus Superior Route.”

Morrita Easely-Sutton hopes the boxing background doesn’t make a difference in this case. She said, “You’ve done what you’ve done, and you need to be accountable for it.”