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CLEVELAND (WJW) — The FOX 8 I-TEAM captured a sudden change of heart in court as lawyers decided not to challenge a confession recorded by police from the suspect in the murder of officer Shane Bartek Friday morning.

Tamara McLoyd arrived in Cuyahoga County Court for a hearing to challenge the confession. She faces charges for carjacking and killing Cleveland officer Shane Bartek on New Year’s Eve while he was off duty.

McLoyd’s lawyers filed a motion to have the confession thrown out, arguing she was impaired when police arrested her and questioned her. It happened several hours after the murder.

Cuyahoga County prosecutors filed papers arguing McLoyd knew exactly what she was saying in that interview with police, and they have evidence to back it up.

The court set a hearing for Friday with a video screen set up to play some of the recorded confession. Then, McLoyd’s lead attorney suddenly withdrew the attempt to challenge the confession. The attorney wouldn’t explain exactly why.

McLoyd sits in jail waiting for a trial date in this case and several violent crimes. Prosecutors have announced they will not seek the death penalty in the officer’s case. A man is also facing charges in that case after police say they caught him driving the officer’s stolen car.