CLEVELAND (WJW) — Security guards at Cuyahoga County courthouses are allowed to carry sidearms, at least for now, due to a new temporary restraining order halting the county’s new ban.

As the FOX 8 I-Team reported last week, county attorneys learned the state statute against carrying weapons into courthouses does not permit protective service officers assigned there as security guards to carry firearms — unlike sheriff’s deputies, who are exempt from the rule.

The Ohio Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, the union representing the county guards, took the matter to court.

Assigned Judge Howard Hall on Friday granted a 14-day restraining order allowing those unionized guards to continue carrying firearms in the county’s Justice Center, Lakeside Courthouse, Juvenile Justice Center and Courthouse Square, according to new information obtained by the I-Team.

However, the reversal doesn’t apply to protective service sergeants, lieutenants or other ranked officers.

The order also set a full injunction hearing for Wednesday morning.

All the county’s courthouse buildings have assigned sheriff’s deputies who are still permitted to carry firearms, a county spokesperson previously told FOX 8.

County prosecutors, while reviewing protective service officers’ authority at one county building, determined that state statute does not exempt those officers from carrying firearms in courthouses. A new rule barring guards from carrying guns took effect last Wednesday, Sept. 14.

In similar fashion, the city of Cleveland earlier this month had its water and utility plant guards turn over their guns to city police, the I-Team reported Friday.

That change took effect Friday, Sept. 9, affecting 52 protective service officers working for the city’s public utilities department.