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CLEVELAND – The Fox 8 I-Team just uncovered a break in a deadly mystery that began back in 2014 at a concert held downtown at Progressive Field.

A team of former federal agents now believe foul play caused the death of Cory Barron.

Barron, 22, died after falling down a garbage chute at Progressive field during a Jason Aldean concert in July of 2014.

The investigators with the International Research Group tell Fox 8, Cory may have been dead when he was put in the chute, or at least incapacitated or unconscious.

Cleveland prosecutors reviewed Cory Barron’s case in 2015 and ruled there is insufficient evidence that a criminal offense occurred.

But the three private investigators disagree. They were asked by Cory’s family to look at the case and try to find out what happened that night.

Dick Wrenn, an IRG investigator, says they have spent 8 months looking into the case.

“It’s absurd to think this is accidental,” Wrenn said.

Pictures obtained by the I-Team show the 24 inch by 24 inch trash chute, the one that 225-pound Cory Barron is alleged to have gotten into the night he died.

Wrenn said Cory had bruises to the head and chest that were caused prior to his death.

“We believe the blows to the head and the ribs indicate the probability that this kid was hit and kicked, and then picked up and sent feet first down the garbage chute,” Wrenn said.

Leading the investigators to that conclusion are discussions with Cory’s Family, police, the coroner’s office, as well as a witness in section 541, who gave a chilling account of what took place that night.

“The witness said sometime between 9:45 when the concert began and 10, Cory Barron was seen in section 541, perhaps in an argument with a young man there,” Wrenn said. “Cory turned to leave and was followed by several individuals and that was the last he was seen.”

A witness provided three pictures that show others in that section. These individuals are just possible witnesses investigators would like to talk to find out what they may have seen that night.

Cory went to the concert that night with his sister, brother, and a few friends. Shortly before the concert started he went to visit a friend in another section and was not seen by his family again.

“Nothing that happened that night makes sense,” Cory’s sister, Britta, has previously told Fox 8.

She and other family members say there are too many unanswered questions and they desperately want to know what happened to Cory.

“Someone knows something,” Britta has said.

A reward of up to $10,000 is being offered for information leading to an arrest and conviction of those responsible for Cory’s death.

An anonymous tip line has been sent up, if you have any information or where in section 541 that night, please call 1-877-637-6600. Or email IRG at

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