CLEVELAND (WJW) — The FOX 8 I-Team has found lawyers for Deshaun Watson are already fighting a new lawsuit filed against him. They’re demanding to know the name of the person now suing him.

Now, a judge ruled that she has to give her name.

Last week, a lawyer in Texas filed yet another lawsuit against the Cleveland Browns quarterback, the 25th accusing him of sexual misconduct.

Though the new lawsuit was filed under “Jane Doe,” Watson’s lawyers have already filed paperwork arguing that Watson has a right to know who’s suing him.

Harris County District Court Judge Rabeea Sultan Collier ruled Monday that the plaintiff who filed the lawsuit must provide her name.

The judge ruled that the plaintiff has until Tuesday afternoon to amend the lawsuit. 

The woman in the latest case claims she met Watson back in 2020 to give him a massage, and he pressured her into a sex act.

But again, the lawyer filing that suit did not name the woman. Yet, Watson’s lawyers say that can’t be kept a secret.

This comes after 24 other women also sued Watson for sexual misconduct. All but one of those cases settled.

Two grand juries considered criminal cases against Deshaun Watson and voted no charges.

On Friday, the I-Team went one-on-one with the lawyer who filed the latest lawsuit, and we pressed with questions about the accuser. Did she file a police report? Did she talk to the NFL investigators? Did she testify before a grand jury?

Attorney Anissah Nguyen said, “I can’t comment on that right now.”

However, Watson’s lawyers want a judge to force her to provide information about the accuser.

Monday, after that demand was filed, we reached back out to Anissah Nguyen. As of late Monday afternoon, we had not heard back.