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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team is tracking the latest developments with internal investigations into last month’s rioting downtown.

Multiple sources confirm one Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s deputy has been placed on restricted duty.

That comes as the Ohio Bureau of Investigation is just taking over an internal review into the use of force by the Sheriff’s Department.

A County spokesperson released a statement over the weekend saying,

“The Sheriff’s Department and the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations have just opened investigations into this matter. While ongoing, we cannot provide details of an investigation…”

 Last week, Cleveland police met with other emergency services to discuss the police response to the rioting.

A police department spokesperson has told the FOX 8 I-Team no review had been produced in writing yet, and no timetable for it was available.

For the past three weeks, the I-Team has asked Cleveland police for the number of complaints filed against officers during the May 30 violent protest.  

So far the city has declined to respond to the public records request. 

On May 30, a peaceful protest against police use of force erupted into rioting and looting which went on for hours.

The I-Team revealed the Cleveland police plan for handling the demonstration did not account for the possibility of major, widespread trouble, even though similar demonstrations around the country had turned chaotic and violent.

One man lost an eye when he got hit by a law enforcement beanbag.

Police ended up making more than 100 arrests.

While many initial charges have been filed, federal and county investigators are still reviewing cases, and they are still working to identify rioters.

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