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CLEVELAND– The Cleveland police officer acquitted on manslaughter charges in the November 2012 chase and shooting has been fired.

Cleveland officials held a news conference on Tuesday to announce discipline against police officers for a chase that ended in officers firing 137 shots and killing two suspects.

Cleveland Safety Director Michael McGrath said they recommended that six officers be terminated and six officers be disciplined.

Michael Brelo is among those fired. Brelo’s father, Paul Brelo, said he is very disappointed and feels the administration is “anti-cop.” (Read his termination letter here)

The others terminated are:

Det. Erin O’Donnell
Officer Brian Sabolik
Officer Wilfredo Diaz
Officer Michael Farley
Det. Chris Ereg

Officer Paul Box, Officer Cynthia Moore, Officer Randy Patrick, Det. Michael Rinkus, Det. William Salupo and Office Scott Sistek were suspended.

(Read more on the discipline here)

The Nov. 29, 2012 chase began downtown when an officer reported hearing a gunshot from the car of Timothy Russell. For more than 20 minutes, Russell and his passenger, Malissa Williams, led police on a chase into East Cleveland.

The pursuit ended behind Heritage Middle School with 13 officers firing 137 shots, killing Russell and Williams. Only officer Brelo faced criminal charges, and last year he was cleared.

The 13th officer involved in the shooting retired.

Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams said it is too early to tell if the six disciplined officers will be back on the streets.

When asked why it took so long for the disciplinary process, McGrath and Mayor Frank Jackson stressed the need for the criminal case to be over.

“These things take time and if you want to do it right, and have a sense of fairness and justice to it, you have to do it right,” Jackson said.

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